iMo Camera Strap Review

iMo, a new company out of Hong Kong, has debuted decorative camera straps for DSLR and video cameras. We’ve been testing their White Navajo camera strap and have found it to be a well-made and attractive strap. Not only will an iMo strap serve as the perfect gift or personal accessory, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd, but you’ll be able to lose that awful camera-branded strap that screams noob.
iMo camera straps review
iMo’s straps are made with a fabric exterior, in a wide variety of choices and colors, and and brown leather “caps” at the ends. The strap measures 1.5″ wide and 29″ long, and features black neoprene on the inside for comfort. Two quick release latches hold a typical .5″ nylon strap to a camera’s metal eyelet for quick getaways.

We tested the strap under moderate use for about a month and had no issues with “unscheduled dismounts” front the quick release straps or any other significant wear and tear which could signal a potential failure. The strap is very stylish and garnered unsolicited complements when we took it out in public. The best part of the iMo is the price – just $29. We braced for impact when calculating shipping from Hong Kong, but was pleasantly surprised when it amounted to just $4.

Future Filmmakng Rating: 95% – Highly Recommended.

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