RØDE Unveils New Products For DSLR Filmmakers – RØDELink Digital Wireless System, NTG4 & NTG4+ Shotgun Microphones & NTR Ribbon Mic

RØDE has announced new products for the DSLR filmmaker. First off, the RØDELink Digital Wireless System is a fully-digital wireless audio system, utilizing a new 2.4GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously, providing a high-resolution 24-bit/44.1k digital audio signal at a range of up to 100 meters (over 100 yards).
The RØDELink system will consist of a number of receiver and transmitter options, and will be available in kits for specific audio solutions across film, news gathering, presentation and stage use. The first of these to be released – The Filmmaker Kit, will consist of a beltpack transmitter, on-camera or beltpack receiver, and RØDE’s broadcast quality Lavalier microphone. “The RØDELink system will be one of the most affordable wireless solutions on the market,” stated Peter Freedman, RØDE’s Founder and President.
rode NTG4 NTG4+ shotgun microphones
RØDE also announced two new shotgun microphones, the NTG4 and NTG4+. Drawing on the current RØDE shotgun mic range, the NTG4 and NTG4+ have several new noteworthy features. Starting with an all-new capsule, RØDE claims the NTG4 and NTG4+ exhibit lower noise and higher sensitivity, giving you cleaner audio at the source. On-board digital switching now controls a 75Hz high pass filter, 10db PAD and innovative high frequency boost which was first available on the Stereo VideoMic X, allowing you to compensate for any high frequency attenuation when using a DeadCat style furry windshield. The NTG2 and NTG4+ come equipped with an internal rechargeable lithium battery, providing up to 150 hours operating time, and conveniently charged via any USB power source using the supplied MicroUSB cable.
rode NTR ribbon microphone
RØDE has also unveiled the NTR, a new ribbon microphone with an innovative design that positions the ribbon free of the microphone frame and body, allowing the greatest possible acoustic transparency around the ribbon element and minimizing resonance. The ribbon element itself is designed completely from scratch, using fine aluminium that is only 1.8 microns thick – one of the thinnest ribbons in existence. An innovative, in-house, proprietary technique was developed to laser cut the ribbon, giving a level of precision and accuracy, which RØDE claims has never before seen in a ribbon microphone. Surrounding the ribbon element is a chemically etched all-metal layer of mesh – the same used on the SMR pop shield.

Married to RØDE’s ribbon element is a high output, low noise, low impedance transformer. Combined with active electronics, this allows the NTR to be used with a wide range of preamps without the additional gain requirements of many other ribbon offerings.

The RØDELink Filmmaker kit will be shipping globally in April 2015. The NTG4 and NTG4+ will be available globally in February 2015. The NTR will be available globally in February 2015. No pricing has been announced.

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