PlatyPod Now Shipping Smaller Ultra Camera Mount Model

PlatyPod, a name that must have been conjured up after a trip to one of Colorado’s famed dispensaries, has released a smaller model, dubbed the Ultra. The Ultra replaces the PlatyPod pro model and features a more robust build.

platypod ultra Future Filmmaking

The concept is the same as their flagship Max model, but better suited for mirrorless and smartphone applications. It contains four spike feet, which are all adjustable in height for non-flat surfaces, such as rocks and uneven terrain, plus rubber “boots” for sensitive surfaces. The feet come with a handy wallet to keep them from “going away.” Also included is a 20-inch cinch strap for securing the Ultra to poles, beams, trees, and other freestanding objects. However, for only $20 more, you’ll want to opt for the Multi kit, which provides a Spigot Adapter for utilizing the Ultra for off-camera flashes and monolights; aSilicone pad – prevents slipping or scratching; an Anodized-aluminum riser, for mounting cameras and devices directly to the Ultra without a ball head; a 36″ Tension strap for when the 20 incher won’t do and a Drawstring pouch to keep all your PlatyPod action together.

The PlatyPod Ultra is available now and costs $59 – add $20 more the the Multi Accessory pack.

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