Lensbaby Now Offering Movie Maker’s Kit

Lensbaby is now offering a Movie Maker’s Kit, featuring several of Lensbaby’s flagship lenses for use with PL or EF mount cameras. Lensbaby claims the kit is a complete creative solution for filmmakers looking to add unique effects to their film, in-camera. Conveniently packaged into a rugged Pelican case, this kit includes a wide range of interchangeable optics and accessories designed to provide the filmmaker limitless aesthetic and creative options at a variety of focal lengths.
lensbaby movie makers kit

Movie Maker’s Kit Contents:

» Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic for Canon DLSRs
» Composer Pro PL with Sweet 35 Optic
» Muse PL with Double Glass Optic
lensbaby moviemakers kit
» Single Glass Optic + Optic Swap Tool / Container
» Fisheye Optic + Optic Swap Tool / Container
» Soft Focus Optic + Optic Swap Tool / Container
» Plastic Optic + Optic Swap Tool / Container
» Pinhole/Zone Plate + Optic Swap Tool / Container

» 0.42x Super Wide Conversion Lens
» Wide Angle/Telephoto Kit
» Step-Up/Shade
» Creative Aperture Kit 2
» 2 Aperture Kits for use with Double Glass, Single Glass, and Plastic Optics
» Aperture Kit for Fisheye Optic
» Aperture Kit for Soft Focus Optic

Lensbaby’s Movie Maker’s Kit is available now for $2,899.95.


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