Edelkrone Releases SliderONE – A Small Camera Slider With A Big Price

Edelkrone has released the SliderONE, a micro slider with six inches of camera travel. SliderONE is comprised of machined aluminum and stainless steel in a 9.05 x 3.74 x 0.86in package.
edelkrone sliderone
Even though the ONE only can travel a small distance, Edelkrone has slapped on a big price. Thus, apart from product shots, it’s hard to imagine what use the SliderONE will have in your arsenal, considering the same amount of money yields a lot more slider from other companies. Worse, in order to really make the SliderONE effective, you’ll need to mount a specialized head on the 1/4″-20 plate.

Edelkrone’s SliderONE is available now for $250.


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