Graava Unleashes Auto-Editing AI Action Camera

With everyone, and their Grandmother, now owning some sort of small HD video device, there is just no shortage of footage being captured. The problem is that 99% of that footage is just, plain boring. Thus, the new Holy Grail of personal video is auto editing devices, which claim to put your shots together utilizing some sort of artificial intelligence to cut out the soporific and keep the exciting.
Graava, a new concern, has debuted their take on the AI action camera, which claims to perform all the editing for you, using data it obtains through various sensors, while capturing your day. The Graava evaluates movement in the frame, sound, accelerometer, gyro sensor and even heart rate when Bluetoothed to your Apple Watch.

Sounds great right? However, the big question you have right now is: can I trust the Graava to make quality editing decisions?

» Video Resolution: HD 1080p 30 fps / 720p 60 fps
» Hyperlapse Video: 4K, 1080p and 720p
» Photo Resolution: 8MP Wide
» Lens Angle of View: 130ยบ
» Auto Image Rotation: Record video horizontally or vertically
» Looping Mode: Record a continuous loop video
» Image Stabilization
» Fixed Focus
» Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion 1100mAh, 3,7V
» Battery Life: Video 1080p estimated time 3 hours (with Wi-Fi off)
» Wireless Charging built-in
» ARM Dual core processor
» Water-resistant rating IP67

App Key Features:
» Configurable camera modes by hotkeys
» Automatic auto-edition of best moments of your videos by selected time
» Share your best moments videos
» Control remotely with live preview
» Media Library, view photos, playback videos
» Smart notifications by mode
» Automatic recording by motion and by smartphone proximity
» Accident Alert
» Cloud files/Backup sync
» Full setting camera control

That question is not lost on Graava. The company features an Advanced Auto-Edition in their app, which allows you to review all the footage and pick out the shot you think are worthy.

graava-camera features

SmartCam Modes:
» Record videos in HD
» Take photos
» Time-Lapse
» HyperLapse Videos

» Motion/Sound Detect
» Activity alerts
» Activity Zones
» Video History on Cloud

» Accident Alert
» Auto recording by GPS
» Loop video recording
» Accident video protect

» HD video streaming
» Activity alerts
» Two-way communication
» Make Clips and time-lapse

With all this action there is one area that the Graava falls short, battery life. At only 3 hours, and without being able to change out the battery, the amount of footage is somewhat limited. However, this may be a small price to pay for not having to spend hours whittling down your takes.

The Graava costs $269 with shipping and is available now.

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