Apple Pages 5 Screenplay Format

When Apple upgraded Pages, their word processing program for the Mac platform, to version 5, they dumped their Screenplay template to the chagrin of everyone who was using their former template under Pages ’09.
Apple Pages 5 Screenplay Template
Dubbed a “downgrade” by many dedicated users, the new Pages appeared to have eliminated key functionality, which made it a viable alternative to Final Draft, the industry standard. Even somewhat limited, Pages 5 can still be used for screenwriting thanks to templates developed by users.

One of our favorites was created by Fabrizio Fracassi, a former New York Film Academy graduate, and a proponent of the script being an art form unto its own with social potential. Fracassi “adapted” the Cole and Haag format utilized by Final Draft, but also included the Warner Bros. variation.

I used the program as a guide for the template because it features a sensible text layout and accurate pagination. But, technically speaking, what Final Draft refers to as Cole and Haag, does not entirely correspond with the formatting rules specified by Hillis Cole and Judith Haag in The Complete Guide to Standard Script Formats (first published in 1983). However, Final Draft, more than most, has done a good job in adapting these conventional norms and keeping with the times.

Although not comprehensive, this Apple Pages 5 Screenplay Template may help to satisfy your desire to compose in Apple’s Pages.
Free Pages Screenplay Template

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  1. Would it be possible to get the download working again?

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  2. This is really helpful thank you. And the downloads work brilliantly. Do you know if there is a similar template for play scripts as apposed to screenplays?

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  3. This is insane. Works almost like a real writing program. One question, say for example I want to go from dialogue to character to dialogue to character, do I have to hit fn,F3 every time or is should it be doing that automatically and I just don’t know it? Thanks for creating this, I love writing in screenplay format. This is a great gift. Thanks!

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  4. Thank you! This is extremely interesting!

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