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PolarPro recently introduced the Trippler, a multifunction “selfie-stick” that combines a monopod, tripod and selfie stick into one package. In our long-term test with multiple reviewers, we found the concept to be excellent, as this turns out to be a beneficial accessory to add to your GoPro camera bag, but some aspects of the execution could have been better.
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Our reviewers found the size of the Trippler to be pitch-perfect. Only 9″ long and about an inch and a half thick, it can be easily stowed in even the most pared-down, run ‘n’ gun go-bags. It features four expandable spars that telescope out to 28 inches tall, and is capped with a mini ball-head mount with a 1/4 – 20 male screw. Spread out it’s three mini legs and it becomes a nice table top tripod for small action cameras and smartphones. DSLR and most micro four third owners, you’re out of luck, since it’s not nearly robust enough to support heavier units.

PolarPro tuned the Trippler for the GoPro and it works quite well supporting this popular action cam. As a pole for capturing yourself snowboarding or an unscheduled dismount off your neighbor’s trampoline, it works quite well, aside from the biggest gripe shared by all five out our evaluators. With the Trippler fully extended, the unit becomes “floppy” and “unstable.” The trouble lies in the design. Instead of a more secure and robust clamp system employed by monopod manufacturers, PolarPro incorporated their own twist system, using an internal mechanism. If you’re just using it as a static selfie-stick, there’s no problem, but for high-speed carving on big pow days, your GoPro will bounce around like a Bull rider on a world-class steed.

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This internal locking mechanism also caused concern when you want to use the Trippler as a tripod at full extension. With a GoPro 4 Black attached, the unit will sway in a breeze and sometimes list to one side or the other if your GoPro is mounted inside its waterproof casing. If you do use the Trippler in this capacity, definitely add some sort of weight to the three little legs so your camera does not faceplant, ending the shot and possibly the camera’s life. The Trippler does have a nice “beefy rubber grip” for comfort, stability and concrete hold. The three legs retract to form the grip and firmly stay in place.



Package Includes:

» Trippler

» Mobile phone mount (fits up to an iPhone 6)

» GoPro mount

» Tripod mount

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Hot Tip:

With its 1/4 – 20 ball mount, you can use the Tripper for many applications, including audio.

Thanks to the universal 1/4-20 ball mount, the Trippler can be utilized for other tasks such as holding up external microphones, lights and other accessories. One of our evaluators employed it to record a lecture with great success (see picture). With its compact size and small footprint, tossing the Trippler into your gear bag as a problem solver is a no-brainer.

While not perfect, the Trippler serves many purposes for such a small device. Marry that to a very reasonable price point, and filmmakers who are looking for versatility and utility from their gear will find the Trippler a compelling proposition.

The PolarPro Trippler was generally liked by our reviewers and scored a 90% rating. Recommended!


+ Versatile

+ Innovative

+ Affordable

+ Ball Mount

+ Quality Of Results


– Extension system needs work

– Can Be Wobbly

Polar Pro Trippler Review - 90 Rating
The Polar Pro Trippler retails for $39.99 and is available now.
The Future: We’d love to see a Trippler Pro model that features a more muscular and sturdy spar extension system in lightweight materials, as well as the ability to stretch out to 36 inches.


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