Polar Pro GoPro Above Water Filter 3-Pack Review

Polar Pro, a maker of GoPro accessories, offers an incredible value proposition by packaging three of their popular filters, Polarizer, Neutral Density, and Macro, into one package for under $50. The glass filters are designed to mount on the waterproof GoPro housing, and include a tether for unscheduled dismounts.

In our long-term test, we found the filters mount easily, yet remain firmly intact without any problems or unwanted visual artifacts from an insecure installation. The fidelity of the filters are better than what you’d expect for 50 bucks, with the Macro suffering the most from clarity issues. That said, the Macro can focus as close as about 3.25″ away from a subject and can create some nice drama in a crane or dolly shot coupled with the GoPro’s extremely wide angle. One reviewer used the Macro very effectively when shooting motocross by starting out on the tachometer and then pulling back to reveal the racer launching at the start.


PolarPro GoPro Above Water Filter Pack Review

The Neutral Density filter was designed by PolarPro to increase motion-blur in bright outdoor settings, but our reviewers found it effective for other applications where you may want to a wider aperture. In general, ND filters are designed to reduce the amount of light reaching a camera’s sensor in order to increase exposure times without affecting the color balance. Car, motorcycle or watercraft shot can be enhanced by use of the PolarPro ND filter by increasing the visceral energy with the addition of motion blur. Our testers found that it worked well in all the above applications, as well as taking still photos with the GoPro, especially when used to take images of moving water.

The Polarizer ended up being the crowd favorite, with each evaluator saluting the optics and solid results on snow and water. Used extensively during spring skiing/snowboarding conditions by one of our testers, the Polarizer cut down on snow reflections and added texture to the snow for increased depth, a real bonus since the GoPro tends to wash out overly bright conditions. On water, the Polarizer eliminated water reflections, allowing the GoPro to see to the bottom on the shoreline, as well as added depth, while on the water.

» Glass Polarizer Filter
» Glass Neutral Density Filter
» Glass Macro Lens
» Solid construction
» 3 Microfiber storage bags
» 3 tethers
» 180 day warranty against manufacture defects

For GoPro users who are looking to add creative possibilities to their productions, as well as experiment with the possibilities that these filters offer, the PolarPro Above Water filter package is Highly Recommended.


+ Value

+ Quality of Results


– Optical Clarity

PolarPro GoPro Above Water Filter 3-Pack Review - 92 Rating

PolarPro GoPro Above Water Filter 3-Pack retails for $49.99 and is available now via Amazon.
The Future: Polar Pro’s Above Water Filter 3-Pack is a tremendous value proposition as it stands. However, if the company is interested in upping the ante, then we’d love to see a version 2.0 of the Macro lens with enhanced clarity.

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