Samson Premiers Go Mic Mobile Wireless System For Smartphone Filmmakers

Samson has premiered the Go Mic Mobile, a wireless microphone for smartphones that will be available in May 2017. This new wireless system allows mobile filmmakers and journalists to capture audio anywhere, making it the ideal mobile mic for “run & gun” production.

samson go mic wireless mic Future Filmmaking

Samson Go Mic Mobile Features:

» 2.4GHz digital wireless system
» Low latency audio transmission
» Dual-channel receiver mounts directly to smartphones, or cameras via included shoe mount
» Plugs directly into iPhone and other iOS devices via included micro USB to Lightning cable
» Plugs directly into Android devices Optional micro via USB to micro USB or micro USB to USB Type-C cables (sold separately)
» Receiver offers up to 6 hours of battery life via rechargeable lithium-ion battery
» Switchable 1/8″ headphone/mic output with volume control
» Three transmitter configurations available (dynamic handheld mic, lavalier mic with beltpack, shotgun mic)
» 100′ line of sight operating range
» USB charge cable, 3.5mm audio cable and power adapter also included

Go Mic Mobile’s compact, dual-channel receiver mounts and connects directly to a smartphone or DSLR camera and allows users to transmit and mix digital audio on two separate channels. The receiver’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery claims to provide up to six hours of wireless operation without taxing your smartphone battery. Simply plug it directly into your Apple iPhone and other iOS devices via the included micro USB to Lightning cable, or into Androids via optional micro USB or USB Type-C cables. Mobile filmmakers can also use the included shoe mount adapter to easily attach the Go Mic Mobile’s dual-channel receiver to a DSLR camera or professional camcorder.

Go Mic Mobile transmits uncompressed, low-latency audio and can operate line-of-sight up to 100′ utilizing the 2.4GHz frequency band. Go Mic Mobile’s stated frequency response of 10Hz–22kHz ensures quality audio reproduction, as well as its bitrate of 48kHz. It also includes a switchable 1/8″ headphone/mic output with volume control for monitoring or connecting to an analog input (3.5mm cable included).

Samson’s Go Mic will be available in handheld, lavalier (belt pack) and shotgun mic configurations sometime in May 2017 for $199.99.

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  1. I understand this will be available end April. They have a current model that works with iphones and ipads which works great.

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