RØDE Microphones Announce Stereo VideoMic X

RØDE Microphones has premiered the Stereo VideoMic X, featuring acoustically matched true-condenser capsules and the option for balanced XLR output. The new flagship, on-board and video-specific microphones add to RØDE’s burgeoning single-system lineup, which includes six different offerings.
RØDE claims to have utilized only the finest audiophile-grade components in designing the Stereo VideoMic X. With an acoustically matched pair of externally-biased, true condenser capsules, housed in integrated Rycote Lyre multi-axis shock mounts, the new X protects the sensitive transducers from any bumps or vibration without needing to suspend the microphone body using a shock mount system. How it performs is still up for discussion, but RØDE’s own videos (see below) feature it mounted to a Ferrari moving at “good speed.”

» Acoustically matched true condenser capsules
» Rycote Lyre onboard shock mounting
» Balanced XLR output
» Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum construction
» High Pass Filter
» 9V or Phantom Power (P48 – via miniXLR)
» Level adjustment
» High Frequency Boost
» Includes SC2 TRS cable, pop shield and wind shield
» 10 year extended warranty when you register

Designed and manufactured at RØDE’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia, the new Stereo VideoMic X’s body is constructed from aluminum, to offer a high level of RF rejection, while remaining lightweight (300gm/10.5oz). Critical body components such as the capsule and shoe mounts are machined to ensure the tightest possible tolerances, thereby minimizing any acoustic resonance. In addition to 3.5mm stereo output (via the included RØDE SC2 cable) the SVMX has the option of outputting a balanced signal via mini XLR, which can be used simultaneously. This gives the user a broadcast-grade output for professional camera systems and audio recorders.
The rear panel of the microphone features a range of adjustments to maximise the Stereo VideoMic X’s performance, including a three-stage high pass filter (0/75/150Hz), a three-stage level control (-10/0/+20dB) and an frequency boost, which is designed to help pick out high frequency detail, such as voices, in a recording environment. The boost claims to also combat any high frequency loss experienced with the use of wind protection. For the first time on any RØDE microphone these settings are accessed via press-button digital switching, which minimizes the chance of settings being changed accidentally. For added convenience the Stereo VideoMic X will retain your settings when the microphone is powered off. The microphone can be powered by either an internal 9V battery or by the P48 phantom power standard via XLR.


The RØDE microphones Stereo VideoMic X will be available in the next couple of weeks for $799.

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