Opkix Teases New Micro Video Camera

Opkix, a new company out of California, USA, is starting to hype their new micro camera with advertisements across social media platforms. The company has not divulged a single specification on the new camera, instead relying on users to get their heart rates up over the possibilities of a personal video platform that will actually deliver the quality consumers have been clamoring for despite countless disappointing (and over-hyped —Ed.) releases over the years.

Opkix is building the smartest, smallest, simplest, and most powerful lil cameras for both hardware and software. Through our Opkix Studio we have created a space for content creators to do what they do best.

Opkix Video Camera FutureFilmmaking

The new camera will reportedly work with an Opkix smartphone app for capturing and editing your videos.

No pricing has been announced. Camera is slated to be released next spring.

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