Nikon Premiers KeyMission 360 4K Action Cam

Nikon has announced its entry into the action camera market with the KeyMission 360, a wearable action camera capable of recording true 360° video in 4K UHD. Hooray! Finally, one of the big boys has entered the action cam playground and is actually looking to innovate, instead of phoning it in. Built on Nikon’s technical expertise in optical and image-processing technologies, the KeyMission 360 (not the best name… —Ed.) aims to set a new benchmark in the action cam segment by combining a front and back facing camera into a single 4K video.
The KeyMission 360 is a true 360° video recording camera, which features an image sensor and lens combination on two opposite sides of the camera, and images from each are combined in-camera to create a single high-definition, 360° image. The camera itself is waterproof to depths of 30 meters without a separate housing, and is also very tough, standing up well to dust, shocks and low temperatures.
Nikon claims its new reliable electronic vibration reduction system, enabled via applications during playback, reduces the effects of camera shake, producing sharp and crisp movie quality. It has been designed for a variety of challenging conditions typical of the action camera market, while ensuring maximum ease of use and freedom of movement to facilitate a wide spectrum of outdoor sporting and leisure activities.
Nikon KeyMission360 front and back
It sports full wireless connectivity in the form of WiFi and Bluetooth, and will premier with a companion iOS app for reviewing footage, tweaking settings and making other adjustments. No specs on battery life were revealed.

Nikon states that this is just the first release in a new POV action cam vertical with new products to be announced in the future.

No pricing or availability has been officially announced.
But… Thank You Nikon for pushing the envelope!

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