Lensbaby Adds 85mm To Velvet Photography Lens Lineup

Lensbaby has added a 85mm to their Velvet photography lens lineup for Sony, Canon, Nikon and other DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The Velvet has a portrait focus and the focal length builds on Lensbaby’s 56mm offering.
Lensbaby Velvet85 photography lens FutureFilmmaking
While we haven’t used the glass ourselves, the manual focus, full-frame lens has can open up to f/1.8 to achieve what Lensbaby describes as a velvety glow where the images radiate light from within. As you stop down, the “Sfumato” effect tightens for much sharper images.
Lensbaby Velvet 85 example
The Velvet 85mm also features a macro mode, allowing you to get about 9.5″ away for artistic closeups. Although, some owners feel that the lens is strictly for studio use, Lensbaby does showcase several outdoor shots that were reportedly taken with the lens on various DSLR cameras.

Lensbaby’s Velvet 85 is available now for $499.

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