GoPro Receives Patent For Potential Hero5

GoPro Inc. received a design patent for what could be the upcoming Hero5. The San Mateo, California-based maker of action cameras looks to continue their same boxy design with some interesting upgrades in the form of a different battery door on the rear, additional buttons or LED indicators on the front, multiple microphone locations for possible surround-sound recording and more rounded corners. The other interesting addition is three indents on the top and sides of the GoPro’s lens.
GoPro Hero5 Patent
GoPro, whose stock has taken a beating in recent times, got a boost at the end of today’s trading with the news and is now trading over 3 points up.

GoPro applied for Patent D721,395 in September 2012 and it was granted on Jan. 20. It does not address the functionality of the camera, just the design, so our observations are mere speculation. However, the new concepts would certainly address some of the concerns raised by our Technology Editor in regards to the “GoPro Bubble” and the hype that surrounds the concern.

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