YouTube Unveils Multiangle Feature

YouTube has unveiled a new multi-angle feature, which allows users to play TV Director and switch between multiple camera angles from the same event. Dubbed “Choose Your View,” this exciting new feature was showcased by popular YouTube cover-artist, Madilyn Bailey.

Choose Your View

Bailey’s multi-angle video loads like any other media on the site, but viewers can click on the any of the video’s four camera angles on the right-hand-side to switch between angles or use the arrow keys on their keyboards as shortcuts.
YouTube’s new multi-angle feature is certainly a bandwidth hog, and the overly compressed nature of Bailey’s performance is somewhat of a deterrent, but there’s no doubt it is certainly more engaging. Currently, the only place to check out Choose Your View is on Madilyn Bailey’s page, but YouTube is soliciting requests for other YouTube content providers to try out the feature.


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