Nicholas Vuignier Premiers Centriphone – 360 Degree iPhone Video Technique

This awesome video by Nicholas Vuignier is exactly why we started Future Filmmaking. Vuignier had an idea. He wanted to take a 360° panorama of him while he shredded the slopes on his skis. He first experimented with the idea by attaching filament to his iPhone case and swinging it around his head. But he found the iPhone often spinning out of control by not staying “on plane.” Thus, he developed his own concept and 3D printed an iPhone case, which allows him to spin the phone around him while staying level.

He then experimented and found the new 240fps Slo-Mo feature on the iPhone 6 allowed him to showcase the idea in a fluid “bullet-time” manner, or what you may see during a soccer or football game when they rotate the camera around the field when dissecting a play.

Vuignier has dubbed the specialized case (and concept), the Centriphone, and hints that subsequent videos will reveal how he developed the case and a full-accounting of the genesis of the idea. We can’t wait!

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