Livestream Readies Mevo Automatic Editing & Live Streaming Camera

Livestream announced the Mevo, a new camera concept, back at CES, but new details have emerged, which make the product even more compelling. Livestream positions the small new camera as more of a consumer product by stating: “Mevo was created so you could share the events that matter most in your life with the production value these events deserve.” However, the camera looks to be a godsend in relieving one of the major pain-points of video production, editing.
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Although creative editing gives filmmaking one of its most powerful tools, it’s also the most laborious. This is why most consumer video productions are filmed once, and never watched again. Livestream aims to alleviate this hurdle by creating a camera that can actually edit in realtime, just like a live television broadcast. Instead of using multiple cameras, like a football game, the Mevo captures a 4K wide-angle shot and then allows users to cut between different areas of the image to keep the action flowing. Mevo users can pan and zoom inside of the 4K shot manually via their iPhone app, or employ facial tracking and automatic editing. How is this possible? It all comes down to the Mevo’s proprietary and innovative software, which separates each section into 1080p “feeds,” allowing for instantaneous editing.

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A video is only as good as the story it tells. Whether you are watching a live sporting event or a sitcom, professional directors with multiple cameras cut between shots, zoom into emotion, and pan to follow the action to bring their stories to life. Mevo enables you to achieve professional-quality, sophisticated storytelling with just one camera. The Mevo utilizes the latest advances in compact, ultra-high resolution sensors to enable multi­-camera storytelling. The power to tell stories through video, in real ­time, without time-consuming and laborious editing, is the breakthrough video enthusiasts need.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why if the Mevo lives up to its claims, it could be a real breakthrough. Not just for consumers, but for businesses looking to add valuable content marketing video initiatives to their promotional efforts.

Livestream Mevo Specifications:

» Sensor – Sony 4K Sensor
» Processor & Encoder – (SoC) Ambarella A9SE
» Sensor Resolution – 12.4 Megapixels
» 4K Capture Resolution – 3840 x 2160 pixels
» Aspect Ratio – 16:9
» Frame Rate – 30fps
» App Required – Apple iOS Required (no Android App at this time)
» Video Resolution Capture – 4K
» Video – MP4 Recording only 720p30 up to 20Mbps
» Video – iOS Preview 720p30 up to 5Mbps
» Video – Streaming and Recording – 720p30 up to 5Mbps
» Video Codec – H.264
» Audio Mixer – Stereo/Mono, Meter, Gain control, 2 inputs – internal stereo microphones and external audio input via iOS
» External audio input via iOS device 1/8″ audio input (over WiFi) – mix internal microphone with external audio input
» Audio codec – AAC
» Built-in Microphone – Dual analog MEMS, high signal-to-noise ratio (65 dB), matched (8kHz -192kHz, 8/10/12 bits)
» Wi-Fi – 802.11 a/b/g/n @ 2.4Ghz / 5GHz
— Access point mode or join an existing Wi-fi network
» A WiFi Network is not required; the camera can generate it’s own network (access point) and stream via the iPhone LTE connection Bluetooth
» Bluetooth – Smart (BLE 4.0) for configuration only
» Ethernet – 100Mbps ethernet
— Requires Mevo Boost accessory
» LTE – 4G LTE via external Verizon USB Modem.
— Requires Mevo Boost and supported USB Modem on Verizon (US Only). Or via any phone Wi-Fi hotspot.
» Streaming bandwidth requirements – HD live streaming automatically adapts to network conditions (adaptive bitrate) and can use up to 10 Mbps of upload bandwidth. Minimal required bandwidth for smooth HD streaming is 5Mbps upload speed to New York City (NYC).

Livestream also received a nice boost from Facebook, who announced at its F8 developer conference that the Mevo will be the first standalone camera, which can directly integrate with the Facebook Live streaming service.

Livestream’s Mevo will be available sometime this summer for $399. However, you can pre-order the camera from the company’s website and receive $100 off.

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