How You Know You Will Not Be Paid

How You Know You'll Not Be Paid In The Film Industry
You’re very excited. You just learned about an opportunity to work on your first “real” film from an industry associate who forwarded you an advertisement. You think you’re on your way. The heavens are going to open and you’re going to have to open up a new bank account just to hold your Powerball-sized windfall. Whoa! Hold on there cowboy. If you see any of the film phrases below, it means only one thing: No money.

» Short Film! — No money.
» Students Wanted! — No money.
» Build Your Reel! — No money.
» Film Internship — No money.
» Meet Great People! — No money.
» Deferred Pay! — No money.
» YouTube Series! — No money.
» All Meals Provided! (meaning: Pizza + Water) — No money.
» Get IMdb Credit! — No money.
» Small Production Company Needs… — No money.
» Assistant ______ Needed! — No money.
» Looking For Festivals! — No money.
» Non-Union Project! — No money.
» Collaborators Wanted! — No money.
» Receive Invaluable Experience! — No money.
» Award-Winning ______! — No money.
» Get Incredible Exposure! — No money.
» Small Budget — No money.
» Has Distributor Interest! — No money.
» Spec Project! — No money.
» Music Video! — No money.
» Real Artists Coming Together To ____ — No money.
» Any Ad using italics, ALL CAPS or lots of !!!!!!!!!!! — No money.
» Professional Crew! — No money.
» Profit Participation! — No money.
» Learn From The Best! — No money.
» Seeking Models! — No money.
» Reality Show — No money.
» Open Call! — No money.
» Producers Wanted! — Pay money.
» And all together now…Student Film! — No money.
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