Flixel Releases Cinemagraph Apps

Flixel, a new concern based out of Canada, has debuted a new photo modification technology for Mac OS X and iOS. The Cinemagraph ranges of apps provides users with the ability to implement a motion loop into just a portion of a still image to add drama and life. Flixel call the patent-pending technology “living photos” and from the brief demo we received at PhotoPlus, it adds a compelling, artistic element to images. Moving water and raindrops showcases the concept quite well, but light painting and concert footage are also excellent ways to involve Flixel.

By importing a short video into Flixel, users can literally “paint” motion into a defined area of a still scene, creating a captivating image that will certainly holds a viewer’s attention for longer than a typical photo. The company claims that the Flixel app is easy to use and user can begin creating and sharing their living photos in a matter of minutes. The company offers the basic Flixel Cinemagraph app or the Flixel Cinemagraph Pro app, which offers the ability to import/export stills and more codecs (ProRes 422 & ProRes 4444).
Flixel features four different levels of engagement, Cinemagraph is the company’s free iOS app, ideal for viewing, sharing as well as fast and simple creation. The Cinemagraph+ iOS app retails for $19.99 and provides more advanced features, including the ability to import videos up to 5 seconds and more editing/masking options. Flixel Cinemagraph Pro, at $99, is a fully featured Mac OS X app aimed at artists who are serious about creating the highest quality cinemagraphs using the best tools available on the Flixel platform. Flixel Cinemagraph and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro are cleaner, faster and produce a superior viewing and creation experience with the capacity to produce beautiful widescreen cinemagraphs.

The Future: While Flixel is positioning themselves as a unique value proposition to ad agencies and professionals, we feel that the technology is well-suited for personal online branding via small animated gifs. Utilizing Flixel for “selfies” and even professional portrait “thumbnails” will make users stand out in a very crowded market…

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