2015 Callaghan Innovation C-PRIZE – Next Generation UAV Technology For Film Production

The 2015 Callaghan Innovation C-PRIZE is targeting the “next generation UAV technology for the screen industry” for this year’s competition. Participants in this challenge have the opportunity to showcase their innovations by a panel of film industry professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. The philosophy behind the C-PRIZE is to create a challenge “to advance the commercialization of innovative technology.”
2015 C-Prize UAV Tech

The promotional materials boast, “the New Zealand screen industry’s reputation for cutting-edge filmmaking is recognized around the world” thanks to Peter Jackson. International production companies seek local expertise in cinematography, digital effects, and post-production. At the same time, directors are increasingly using unmanned aircraft to capture new perspectives and tell their stories. Combining these factors with our open airspace and progressive regulations presents an awesome opportunity for New Zealand innovators and entrepreneurs to commercialize world leading UAV technology for the screen industry.

James Cameron and others are hopeful that new exciting technology and methodologies for Drone Camerafare (our term), will emerge from the C-PRIZE, which will ultimately be implemented in film productions.

Up To Six Finalists Will Be Recognized For Different Achievement Tracks:

NZ$10,000 cash prize (…about $7368.50) to develop prototypes of the proposed UAV technology. It is expected that the finalists use this money to develop their prototype for demo day. Professional coaching and mentorship (regular one-on-one advice, and three focused workshops covering screen industry needs, prototyping, commercialization and pitching skills).
» Track One Challenge: Develop technology that will allow a UAV to film and record spoken dialogue which can be re-produced with the least UAV source noise, in the least time, at the least cost.
» Track Two Challenge: Develop technology that will allow a UAV to accurately hold its hover position and attitude in the highest-speed turbulent wind flow.
» Track Three Challenge: Develop technology that will allow the speed and path of a moving object to be accurately tracked from a small UAV.

NZ$50,000 cash prize ($36842.49).
An expenses-paid trip to an exhibit at the 2016 NAB trade show in Las Vegas.
Exposure supported by Callaghan Innovation and NZTE.

An Aeronavics BOT (including a GoPro camera, gimbal, wireless video down link, mission controller and transport case) will be presented to the student entry which displays the highest degree of innovation, as determined by the lead judging panel, but is not selected as a finalist. Why would an entry for UAV innovation be rewarded with a UAV? This doesn’t make much sense. Better would be a cutting-edge camera like the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K…but it’s nice to get something.
2015 C-PRIZE

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