Spotlight: Mike Olbinski’s Monsoon IV

Mike Olbinski is a storm hunter who enjoys tracking down monsoons and other weather phenomena during summer storm season in the southwest desert region of the United States.

Mike Olbinski Monsoon IV FutureFilmmaking

It’s funny how every year is different. That’s the beauty of chasing the summer storm season out here in the desert southwest. You never know what’s going to happen or what you might see. This year I ventured far and wide. Phoenix never saw a good dust storm all summer, but I still was able to capture a few good ones in southwest portions of the state. The cover photo for this film was halfway to Yuma standing in the middle of Interstate 8 watching an ominous wall of dust roll down the highway towards me with lightning flashing behind it. It was an incredible moment.

To achieve the incredible time lapses you’ll see below, Olbinski shot over 110,000 frames using his Canon 5DSR – only half of which ended up in the final cut.

Technical Details:

Two Canon 5DSR’s with 11-24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 135mm Canon lenses and one Sigma Art 50mm shooting at 4K. Manfrotto tripods. The final product was edited in Lightroom with LR Timelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro.


Mike Olbinski
Awesome Music by Peter Nanasi

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