Spotlight: JeffHK’s Stunning 30-Day Timelapse From The Bow Of A Massive Cargo Ship

JeffHK works on one of those massive cargo ships that traverse the oceans delivering containers from port to port. Lucky for us, he’s also an avid photographer and videographer. In his latest release, Jeff has combined over 80,000 photographs taken over thirty days has his ship traveled from the Red Sea to Hong Kong.

Jeff captures every sort of weather imaginable, from gorgeous sunsets to vicious storms to full moon’s that make the sea look like the middle of day. He narrates all the way through the ten minutes of mind-boggling imagery and shares his process, which includes using a Nikon D750 with a Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 lens to capture all the 4K action.

JeffHK is now looking to create an 8K VR experience during his next outing. If you’re interested, you can support his endeavors by donating to his GoFundMe account, which includes a waterproof case – you’ll know why that’s important after watching the video below. Enjoy!


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