Sena Reduces Price Of Prism HD Camera & Announces Availability Of New 10C, HD Action Camera & Bluetooth Communicator

Sena Technologies has lowered the price of their Prism High Definition Action Camera and communicator from $399 to $249 and announced the availability of their new 10C Camera & BlueTooth Communicator. In addition, Sena is introducing the Prism Lite pack for riders who are only interested in purchasing the camera without the motorcycle mounting kit for $199. The Sena Prism is geared towards motorcycling, Sena’s main market, but other action sports participants can benefit from the combined technology. Another interesting capability would be for two reporters, each equipped with Sena camera gear, to cover an event simultaneously from two different camera angles, but still being able to communicate and commentate at the same time.
Sena-Prism HD Camera
With the ability to shoot high-definition video while simultaneously recording Ultra High Definition Bluetooth 4.1 audio communications between users, the Prism launched as the first-ever audio action camera – focusing on the specific needs of motorcycle enthusiasts that ride connected to their phones, listen to music and communicate with other riders via intercom. The lower price will make the unique system even more accessible to riders of every variety.
Sena is now offering the Prism Lite package – which will include the camera without any of the mounts offered in a full Prism pack.

The Sena Prism is the wireless recording hub of your next adventure. With 1080p FHD video recording with 5 MP still shot image capture and a variety of other video modes (1080p:30fps, 720p:30/60fps, 480p:up to 120fps) and photo modes (shot, time-lapse, and burst) and the Prism is water resistant right out of the box up to 40 meters of depth.

The Prism is able to record high-quality Bluetooth audio while shooting high-definition video into the unit for on-the-fly narration and other user-defined sounds and commentary. The Sena Prism also offers the universal pairing feature allowing it to be paired with any Bluetooth device to add audio to visual images. Users can mount the camera anywhere within the range of the Bluetooth signal and wirelessly record audio and high-definition video on the camera allowing users the ability to place the camera in unique places. The Sena Prism is also equipped with an on-board stereo microphone that can be applicable to helmets in active and noisy environments.

Building on the launch of the Prism and its positive industry response – Sena recently debuted the groundbreaking 10C, the first combined communication and audio action camera system. The 10C is a fully integrated Bluetooth helmet communication system and HD camera rolled into one device. It’s capable of full HD video (1080p:30fps and 720p:30/60fps) with 3.5 MP still shot image capture and shot, burst and time-lapse photo modes. Built to handle with ease the rigorous demands of outdoor activities, motorsports, and first responders, it is the complete solution for in-helmet communication and action videography under challenging conditions.
Sena 10C Camera Communicator
With a water-resistant, all-in-one helmet clamp design that is made for the demands of the great outdoors, the Sena 10C technology lets you stay focused on the rolling horizon while playing your favorite FM radio station from the built-in tuner, or piping in your favorite playlist from your MP3 player, hearing GPS directions, or listening to your buddies howling over the intercom. Get all feeds at once, or choose a single source.
sena 10c camera communicator features
Video Tagging allows you to capture only the best moments. When activated with a single touch of the camera button, Video Tagging saves 60 seconds of past, present, and future footage to give you three one-minute clips that capture the event and the context in which it happened. The 10C mixes audio from the intercom and music from your smartphone into your video, on the fly. This allows you to narrate your footage while it’s happening and capture the authenticity of the moment, while reducing the need for follow-up soundtrack editing. Add another 10C to create an inexpensive multi-cam shoot!

In conjunction with the new Prism pricing announcement, Sena is also unveiling its much-anticipated lifestyle web video series, Advancing Adventure. To be first released in July by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and Sena online, the webisodes will focus on the power of Sena’s technology in the wild. Like all Sena Products, The Prism, Prism Lite and 10C are firmware upgradable and include Sena’s two-year warranty.

Sena’s Prism and 10C are available now for $249 and $349 respectively.

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