Roland Announces WEARPRO Mic For GoPro

Roland, known more for their synthesizers and other musical instruments, has announced the WEARPRO Mic, a wearable device that provides auxiliary audio recording for the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 video cameras from GoPro.
Roland WEARPRO GoPro Microphone
Specially designed for the action cams, the WEARPRO Mic supports both binaural and standard stereo recording, and plugs directly into the HERO with no conversion cables needed. The microphones are uniquely positioned in the earbuds to provide true stereo recordings, exactly how the participant experiences them. Unfortunately, the earbuds only hold the mini microphones, and cannot be used as a listening or monitoring device. HERO cameras are a great choice for shooting personal action videos, and adding the WEARPRO Mic brings more realism and excitement to live-action images through the use of binaural sound. The WEARPRO Mic delivers better audio quality for vloggers, camera enthusiasts, and anyone who wants quality audio to accompany their GoPro videos.
Roland WEARPRO GoPro Microphone Head mount
The WEARPRO Mic’s convenient, wearable design enables binaural audio capture, a unique recording technique that accurately recreates the way we hear sounds in our environment. By capturing the source with microphones placed at each ear, listeners using stereo headphones or earphones enjoy a truly realistic 3D audio experience, with sounds coming from all directions in a simulated 360-degree space. The WEARPRO Mic is powered from the GoPro camera, eliminating the need for batteries or external power supplies. And thanks to the open-air structure of the earpieces, outside sounds are never blocked, providing safety while shooting in crowded environments.

» Capture 3D stereo sounds with the binaural recording effect
» Compatible with GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 cameras
» Easy to use: just place in your ears and connect to the mini-USB jack on the HERO camera
» Ultra-small condenser mic units deliver quality sound
» Powered by the connection to the GoPro camera, eliminating the need for batteries or external power
» Included clip mounts enable use for webcasts, interviews, and music
» Open-air structure allows outside sounds to reach your ears, providing safety while recording in crowded environments
» This product is not waterproof, and does not provide earphones functionality
» WEARPRO Mic is not compatible with the HERO4 Session camera.

Two included clip mounts make it easy to also use the WEARPRO Mic for recording. Just snap on the clips and attach the mics anywhere, such as clothing, a music stand, or a selfie stick. Two windscreens are also included, along with four different rubber sleeve pairs to fit ear sizes from kids to adults. The WEARPRO Mic works with the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 cameras from GoPro. (Not compatible with the HERO4 Session camera.)

No pricing or availability has been announced for the WEARPRO Mic.


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