Fantem Announces Vitrima – 3D GoPro Lens

Fantem is bringing to market a new GoPro case to enable the action camera to record 3D video, dubbed the Vitrima. The waterproof case features a lens attachment that incorporates mirrors to deliver two side-by-sides images to the GoPro’s sensor. Using a basic VR viewer, such as the Google Cardboard, the user can view stereoscopic videos in 3D.
fantem-vitrima-gopro-3d camera
The Vitrima works without the necessity of any additional software, since it is composed of carefully arranged mirrors. Though the resulting videos won’t feature 3D audio, the lens – which will cost $50 when the product launches – presents a low-cost way for someone to record 3D videos without purchasing a dedicated 3D camera like the $799 Vuze VR camera.

Fantem does not give a specific release date beyond “launching soon” for the Vitrima, however the price is unofficially listed at about $50.

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